We have recently developed this technique for rapid generation of vulnerability curves. It is base on a centrifuge system.

Here are some technical information about this technique ppt  and papers describing its principles:

·       Cochard H 2002 A technique for measuring xylem hydraulic conductance under high negative pressures. Plant Cell and Environment 25 : 815-819. pdf

·       Cochard H, Damour G, Bodet C, Tharwat I, Poirier M, Améglio T 2005 Evaluation of a new centrifuge technique for rapid generation of xylem vulnerability curves. Physiologia Plantarum 124:410-418 pdf




Additional information can be found in Sylvain Delzon’s site:




The “Cavit-Home” is our high-throughput phenotyping platform for tree cavitation resistance. Three Sorvall RC5 and one RC3 high speed centrifuges have been transformed into automatized Cavitrons. The Cavitrons are operated remotely for more confort and security.  We use the Cavisoft software developed by Regis Burlett in Sylvains’lab


The Cavit-Home is open for collaborative studies and you are welcome to use our platform. Please contact me for further information. 


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