Xylem-Group meeting, Besse 2014



Herv Cochard

Introducing Xylem 2014, Introducing JPH

Genetics of Hydraulics

Philippe Rozenberg

Vulnerability to cavitation and adaptation to drought in Douglas-fir

Wanploy Jinagool

Clonal variability in response to drought on Hevea brasiliensis Mll.Arg.

Hlne Lagraulet

Genetic and environmental effects on daily stem radius fluctuation in maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.)

Physics of Hydraulics

Jean-Franois Louf

Hydraulic signals induced by bending in natural and artificial branches : link with mecano-perception and long distance signalling in trees

Alex Ponomarenko

Water stress in trees: optics and acoustics

Aude Tixier

Mechanics of pits

Xylem Structure-Function

Steven Jansen

The Xylem Functional Traits Database

Frederic Lens

A novel link between wood formation and drought stress in angiosperms - combining xylem physiology and anatomy

Guillermina Dalla Salda

Transition-wood: the Lord of the Ring?

Leaf Hydraulics

Tim Brodribb

Terminal valves in the hydraulic system (stomata)

Marie Garavillon

Impact of light acclimation on the hydraulic functioning of temperate forests

Alexandria Pivovaroff

The leaf hydraulic bottleneck in Californian chaparral and coastal sage scrub

Methods in Hydraulics

Mel Tyree

Water relations of Robinia pseudoacacia L.:Do vessels cavitate and refill diurnally or are R-shaped curves invalid in Robinia?

Eric Badel

Imaging hydraulic failures in trees by x-ray microtomography. Cavitation spreading

Jose M. Torres-Ruiz

Vulnerability curves by centrifugation and air-injection in Olive: further evidence of an open-vessel artefact.

Shan Li

Recalcitrant vulnerability curves: methods of analysis and the concept of fiber bridges for enhanced cavitation resistance

Rgis Burlett

What's new in the caviplace

Brendan Choat

Synchrotron based microtomography of xylem embolism in a conifer

Nicolas Martin

A data-model analysis of carbon allocation to stem and fine roots in a Mediterranean Forest

Drought and frost

Martina Tomasella

Water relations of an invasive halophyte (Spartina patens): osmoregulation and ionic effects on xylem hydraulics

Feng Feng

The effect of drought and frost cycles on cavitation resistance of the Populus 84K

Guillaume Charrier

Effects of freezing temperature on hydraulic conductivity and ultrasonic activity in woody angiosperms.


Sylvain Delzon

Evolution of cavitation resistance in conifers

Pauline Bouche

A broad survey of hydraulic and mechanical safety in the xylem of conifers

Bernhard Schuldt

Growing at the edge – how plastic is the hydraulic system of European beech in the face of climate change?